New Yung Wah Trading LLC was established in 1993. From day one, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we are committed to provide the food service and restaurant industries with the best and most efficient professional service possible throughout the Northeast region. With years of experience, offering the most competitive market price and efficient delivery service, New Yung Wah Trading LLC has successfully earned the trust and gratitude of the Asian communities.



       We are located in Brooklyn, NY. With the assistance of multiple partnership facilities, we effectively provide our customers with a diverse range of high-quality food and food-related goods via “one stop” service through sales points located in NY, VA, PA and other states.  At each of these independently operated sales points, there are over a hundred types of goods in stock which conveniently serve customers with easy pickup or delivery service in each region.



       The goal for New Yung Wah Trading LLC is to effectively utilize all resources on hand to satisfy the customers’ ever changing demands. Over the last twenty years, our existence depended on the support and trust of our customers. We welcome new and existing customers at all times. If you are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are well equipped with an abundance of experience, goods, and resources, along with the best pricing available in the market. We will be an influential and reliable factor to your success.



       Whether you are an existing or new customer, we are only one call away and all the goods that you need will be delivered to you the next day. The customer’s demand is the foundation of our business and to best serve our customer is the force of our growth.

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